Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Well I've thanked everyone that needed to be thanked and acknowledged my gratefulness to everyone, so now it's time to talk about the real shit. Really, I was so overwhelmed at first that I couldn't even remember how to work this  stuff, kind of crazy, but it's coming back to me. So......

February 18th, 2016  7am

They called my name to come up to the front and to bring my state issued stuff to get ready to check out, yeah to get released.  Of course I had slept soundly the entire night before, okay that's not true, I was up all night lying in my cell with a million different scenarios playing through my head. From A-Z you name it, there was a faint constant buzz going on in my head. No I hadn't done any huge bong rips of speed in almost 5 years, nor had I hot railed big piles of MDMA lately, no freaky sex or soap dropping in that time either. I kept telling myself to fucking get a hold of myself, I've done this many times before. Inside I was tripping the fuck out, I had no idea what to expect, I had no idea how to act outside of my drug dealer, party time, criminal identity. You know those old movies where you can see the frames slowly passing but it's all fluid motion- yeah just like that. So I did what I've always done in times like those, I said fuck it lets do this shit. I sat up, brushed my grill, gathered my things, and headed towards the door after they popped the lock on my cell. We had been on lockdown for a few days eating bologna sandwiches so I was ready and hungry. Guys were screaming from their cells and I wished them all good luck and threw the duece, gots to go brothers see yall on the other side. My last thought was hoping the guys I was tutoring through advanced algebra would pass their GEDs and some did. The air was thick all the way to the door where I'd soon be released. Nervous? Happy? Yeah all that, but I had to hold it together and I did. With a smile on my face as they handed me my parole papers and opened the back door the guy asked if anyone had anything they wanted to say to his face before we left and I said yeah fuck you later fatboy. He said Goff you take care and don't come back, you did good. I wished him luck and everybody laughed. With the help of Gary Cohen and a certain other I made second parole, got the FI-5 to the drug program, and on to the halfway house as a condition of that program. They implemented new criteria on whether or not I could go straight home right when I got there so with my criminal history and 18 year sentence I was off to the Abode Dallas for 90 days. The three other times I had never been required to do this and never been exposed to a halfway house environment. What the fuck, I was thinking, but at least I am out finally.