Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well after JJ called the police and had me arrested on the courthouse steps I am still walking free. They did file the case and my future remains to be seen because I'm on bond probation. I have been reporting every week for almost a year and a half and every UA has been clean. Trial time is near for all the cases and frankly I'm scared shitless. My attorney seems a little non-chalant about everything but hell, he gets to go home at the end of the day and I could spend the rest of my natural born life in the Texas Penitentiary. Sounds friggin great, huh? Tell me about it. I have sold everything under the sun to finance all of this. I have lost everything dear to me and I have been fighting to get it all back. I graduated one of the best rehab programs in the country and now we are trying to get the courts to see that I have changed but it's not all that easy, I have a list of prior drug felonies, but this is the only time I have ever tried to change. I have been alienated by my friends and family and it's pretty lonesome at times but I must keep moving forward. I have wanted to give up so many times and I just cant do it. I really have come a long way but the battle remains difficult up to the last minute. I have done some interventions and Im going to work back at the rehab that got me better. Anyway I have overcome some major obstacles with a few more to go I stand tall. With a background like mine no one likes to believe anything good about me these days so its up to me to prove thewm all wrong and get my family back. My daughters mother is gone but I am still here fighting the evil aunt just to see my daughter. She is precious. I have supervised visits every other weekend with her and its pretty cool. Im forty and my first and only daughter is two. Its like this big ole tough guy melts when she is around and she can have anything she wants. She is brilliant just like me andshe has the prettiest blue eyes like her Daddy! Anyway off to try and earn some money to pay all these lawyers.