Thursday, July 14, 2011


I really like this song and all you know I'm on my level man. Not that I'm black but I have been a Too Short fan for 20 years and nobody ever said biyatch like he did. You know,come to think of it I have been mistaken for a black man before after I laid out naked in Acapulco but little did they know I was just representin it. Dig that sucka!! This brings some funny stories to mind about 2 bad brothers I know so well. (MCA, Mike D- Beastie Boys) Well I guess I am considered the bad one now I suppose because back at Nolan High School my boys Stacey Dunlop, Brian "Sal B. Sure" Salvant, and myself took the school talent show by storm rapping some Beastie Boys. I know we won and I know the hot cheerleaders and horny Catholic honey's were throwing roses on stage at our feet like we were the shit. We were the shit- The Fudge Brothers with the Marshmellow. Damn thats funny. Both Brian and Stacey went on from Nolan to become very successfull attorneys . Brian really looked like Al B. Sure back then and we were all pimps and we could sing too! Well I was pretty good.....anyways. Just a stroll down memory lane I have to keep it pretty tame even with my boys because they are lawyers and Im not trying to get my fees jacked up anymore than they will be! Stacey practices family law in Dallas and Sal does criminal in Fort Worth and Dallas. He has always liked to argue and evidently he has become extremely proficient judging by all the not guilty verdicts this dude has been slamming down. Would I hire him? If I could afford him I would. You know I love you bro. Brian made some amazing things happen for my daughters mother who got in trouble with me too, Thank God and thank you Brian for everything. Peace.