Sunday, June 19, 2011


The day was enjoyable. The wind knocked our power out last night at 4am and it was 8 this evening before it was turned back on. No I didnt go to a friends house to soak up the cool air or go to the pool because our is closed, I toughed it out and sweated like a hooker in the Vatican. My first choice? Probably not. Not being on the top of the Sunday barbeque invite list anymore doesn't bother me. at all. It just means that I know someone will be laughing at my corny jokes all day, yeah me. If you can't laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at? Then people get really pissed off if you laugh at them instead of with them. I mean what's the difference? There are very few people I think are funnier than I am but there are a handful. I mean these guys and a couple of gals are really witty people and their sense of humor is complicated but super hilarious . I try not to stay too serious about too many things these days. Hell I just laugh and folks ask me to please be serious for once and what they don't know that it's to keep from crying most of the time. I thought about all the great men who Ive looked up to throughout the years and it's sad because there are very few still alive, but the ones that are are surely appreciated and loved. A few people wished me happy fathers day and its weird to me because I have never really been given the opportunity to be one. I feel like I deserve a chance and the parties trying to prevent that should be ashamed of themselves. At any rate I have a middle finger salute for then all and a piece of advice. "Only a sucker would count me out now!" How ya like them apples, huh? The week is going to start out on fire and Im going to burn it up till they make me stop on Friday. I work everyday  normally  if there is a deal to write up I go no matter what day it is. Gots to stack that loot to keep the haters in business. Believe me I will have plenty for them to talk about, discredit, and be absolutely positive I am lying or something. Fuck em is what I always say. And to the cowards that haue the audacity to ask other people  how or what Im doing instead of asking me then getting inaccurate info, then going with it as truth and  spreading rumors- yeah FUCK YOU TOO!! Enough of all that, who has time? I don't for sure. Really I like everyone and have not a bit of  ill feelings towards anyone.....except a few. Only two and we will save that roast for its own page by itsself. All in all good day, got to see a couple that I have known for years and years and it was way cool to see them again. Bitter? me? NEVER.....I've a little girl's Daddy to save. As a whole I am happy and truly content with the way things are going because I know what Im capable of and I know it's going down. I know I can do anything and I can have it all if I want to and I do, so dont think Im crazy or stupid when you hear me say that I think we are going to win this because I know we are. Love to you all. Yours truly. jp