Sunday, September 18, 2011


can really shed light on a the situation. I am a thinker and I am always careful not to over think things too much whether or not that remains to be seen. When all the smoke clears and I finally whip this thing and I am going to to I will then know that being angry never solved anything and persistence is the key to success. I have gained so much wisdom throughout this challenge and I can't sit here and point fingers or be mad at anyone. One thing I will know is that I stayed true to myself and all the one thing I do know is that no one turned their back on me. No one just let me do anything. I know that I am a man that is able to take responsibility and I know that I have grown up because I handled all this like a big boy does- ON HIS OWN. What is a person supposed to do if there is no one there to help, perish in the flames? I don' think so. Actually I am usually sitting next to a person who had overcome much larger obstacles than me and realizing that is how I keep it in perspective. I know miracles happen, I know the unthinkable is possible. I have always been a visionary and I have always reached foe the seemingly unattainable to most people and usually been successful. Refusing to even acknowledge the things that don't pertain to me making it is a great recipe. Hell how can you know its raining if you don't go out in it? Behind all this lies a much bigger picture, much deeper than I myself even imagined. .