Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snitchin for about 10 years now according to the affidavits

This goes out to Michael Wayne Cooley the snitch who set me up twice out of jealousy and sheer hatred of a brother on the rise with a flourishing internet resale business he did every dirty trick the police told him to do. HE is a puppet for the man and while he is out there committing crimes against people, dealing drugs, robbing and stealing the police protect him because he is so good at setting up these bogus busts when all he has to do is lie like they tell him to and most of his busts stick because no one takes it to trial. You cant commit felonies in order to give them up. Lying dopefiend of the year award goes to you Michael hands down you put me in a position where I had no choice but to change, Thank you. YOU SNITCHING FUCKING BITCH.


you are on the come up always keep your eye on the money. there is something to say about all these shit talking hating ass motherfuckers that cant even wish a brother well. Dont worry the days of me taking your gal for a ride in my new mercedes while she goes downtown and all around are over. I have left my shoes on the front porch many times if anyone wanted to try and fill them and all failed miserably. I bet those pricks arent trying to trade places with me now, huh? You know I have to get a little shit talking out. And for the sorry cocksucker that stole my christmas presents and all my laptops, and you know who you are, shame on you. Your complacency in trying to ruin peoples lives is disgraceful just because your money couldn't  buy you what you wanted for once. It aint trickin if you got it bitch. Be yourself and quit trying to be something you'll never be. Its not so bad being a down to earth real individual every person possesses beauty in their own realm so look inside and youll find yours someday. I gots love for my people and that will never change.