Tuesday, April 19, 2011


WELL ITS OFFICIAL IM ON THE RUN AGAIN THANKS TO SOME STRANGE LACK OF INTEREST APPARENTLY  IN MY ATTORNEY'S OFFICE. I'VE BEEN NOTIFIED THAT IT IS ONLY A TEMPORARY ISSUE SO I AM STAYING OUT OF THE WAY OF THE TCSO BOYS TIL JIM GETS THE NEW BOND SET. RULE #134 : IF YOU ARE GOING TO JUMP FENCE YOU BETTER MAKE SURE YOU ARE SELLING TWICE THAN THAT  OF YOUR COMPETITION. IF SOMEONE ISN'T HANDLING THEIR BUSINESS BY ALL MEANS PLANT SOME CLEAT MARKS IN THE FOREHEAD AND JUMP HIGH. The politics of it all is really pretty disgusting. There is no justice or salvation for the poor. The judicial system is an extension of the country club where fat envelopes get passed, there is tons of grease and palm pressing going on , and even trading off  clients  for favors. Nobody seems to  understand that if you are broke you best get ready to go to the penitentiary. That is no joke in the summertime either boys and girls. You  spend your own private money on rehab and pay taxes, and devote your life to helping other people and they still want to send you to prison. Better get some money together then huh?