Thursday, August 11, 2011


Being a jump behind sometimes can be a real pain in the ass: Rule 21 of the Dopemans Bible is if you are behind be able to be of sound enough mind to turn up the volume 4 times the norm so that you can get back to being ahead all the time. Being ahead of the game is what it's all about. Luckily throughout my life training that brushes on a few Scientology based principles which in accordance with Christianity has really enabled me to take total control of my life and realize where the most attention needs to be focused in order to succeed. God knows I need it. Well today my stuff got put on the street by the constable but the plan was to let them move it down the stairs anyway. That hasn't happened to me very many times in my life but things just became a little more complicated. Work is going good but its hard to go from ass loads of cash to a workin' mans wage trying to keep up the cost of being what I am being accused of. The real kicker is that it has taken away from my time online and its hard to get to responses with having so much to do, but in a danger condition there are certain steps to be taken to get back on the level. I have had to prioritze things in a cash producing hierarchy. The things that pay the most today are what gets taken care of. Now I am out on the street but that wont be for long because I am so fucking pissed off that I will not succumb to the evil ways of the man. I don't give a shit that there are so many idle people standing in the shadows. Grown up people handle their business it may be dificult  but dont count me out yet, there is a plan lurking around the corner. I have to go save what little I have left from the vultures.